DNS Service

  • Hosting of your own domain or specified subdomain
  • Web based management interface to give you total control of your own DNS records
  • Supports Dynamic IP update with clients for different platforms
  • Supports A, MX, CNAME, TXT and A6 records
  • Supports TTL down to 10 seconds for real time applications
  • 30 days free trial

URL Redirection Service

  • Supports redirection to non standard port, overcomes blocked HTTP port 80, enables web hosting at home.
  • Gives you freedom to change service providers without changing URL address
  • Supports hiding of the destination URL address
  • Free with DNS service

Email Service

  • POP3 mailboxes for users@your domain, supports alias and forwarding
  • Catch all forwarding for anyone@your domain to a specified email address
  • SMTP port forwarding to non-standard port, overcomes blocked SMTP port 25
  • 30 days free trial

Value Added Service

  • Web Photo Album at album.yourdomain.com – 100MB storage
  • Blog at blog.yourdomain.com – 100MB storage
  • Free with DNS service

Domain Name Registration Service

  • Supports .com/.net/.org/.hk/ domain name registration
  • Automatically setup the name servers to work with our services

.com/.net/.org/ domain names (starting at $7.85/yr)

The fee for(DH01-1)DDNS service is not included in the price of domain registration
To register .hk domain, please call (852) 82031001 for detail or visit HKDNR website for pricing information and the documents required.
Started from April 1,2006 to September 30,2006. You can enjoy free DNS and email service for the first year if you register your .hk domain through our registration service.(for new .hk domain registration only.)

  • Registration of subdomain for 3open.org or net3.hk are providing now.It only costs you $6.5/year to make it working with all of our services