About Us


The 3domain project is run by a group of IT professionals with the goal of promoting domestic hosting by providing affordable DNS service. We believe this will benefit the community, and in turn speed up the development of the IT sector.

Unlike some service providers, we do not seek high profit, and we have been providing free DNS service since 2001 via our former website. Although we are not officially a non-profit organization, we will strive to operate using a non-profit model. After deducting necessary expenses and reserves, extra income will be used to improve service quality, lower fees or donate to recognized international charity organizations.

Facilities and Configuration

  • All servers located at multiple top tier NOC for redundancy
  • Multiple 100Mbps connections to the NOC backbone
  • Uninterruptible and redundant power supply and backup diesel power generator
  • RAID configured storage for OS and DNS database


  • Junichi Wataya
  • Kim Tae-gyun
  • Kirk Patten
  • Masaru Naruoka
  • Nobuyuki Iwamoto
  • Noel Danjou
  • Normando Hall
  • Qian Xiao
  • Reinhold Schoeb
  • Ricardo Amaro
  • Sakaguchi Takanosuke
  • Santiago Tavitian
  • Sebfun
  • William Levra-Juillet
  • Yoshihiro Edamoto

Address and Contacts

3domain Internet Service Company
Room 618, Hollywood Plaza
610 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Email: info@3domain.hk
Tel: +852-82031001
Fax: +852-30168368